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北京点我网络技术有限公司(以下简称点我游戏)成立于2008年,总部位于北京,是一家全球数字娱乐服务商。多年来,点我游戏一直注重与国内外知名动漫IP厂商进行合作,截至2014年12月,点我游戏已与国内多款知名动漫达成合作。同时,点我游戏亦非常注重原创IP的发展,原创IP《开心超人打灰机》已经成为三大电信运营商和主流分发渠道的明星游戏,累计用户过亿。 目前,点我游戏拥有手游研发、发行、游戏广告平台等多个业务板块,截至2015年3月,点我游戏合作渠道已占据国内渠道份额的90%以上。

Beijing KeepMe Network Technology Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as KeepMe Games), a global digital entertainment service provider with its headquarter in Beijing, was founded in 2008.Over the years, KeepMe Games has been focusing on cooperating with well-known cartoon IP manufacturers. As of December 2014, KeepMe Games has reached cooperation with a variety of well-known domestic animation companies. Simultaneously, KeepMe Games also places great emphasis on the development of the original IPs. For instance, the original IP "KXCR" has become the star game for the three influenced mobile network operators and mainstream distribution channels, with the cumulative users exceeding a hundred million.

Now, KeepMe Games has developed various segments including mobile games development, distribution and game advertising platform. As of March 2015, KeepMe Games has shared more than 90% of cooperation among the domestic channels.